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Mission Statement

To develop complete soccer players and teams in a safe and supportive environment, who excel in the technical, tactical, physical and psychological areas of the game. To instill in our young players, positive core values and an excellent work ethic, providing a platform for our players to succeed at the collegiate and professional levels of play.    

One Club; from the WNY Flash Jr. Academy all the way to the WNY Flash Pro Team.


Vision Statement


To provide the best environment for elite soccer players in Western and Central New York, and Southern Ontario by providing the highest quality player development programs, facilities, coaches, training, competition and leadership.


To advance players on to US and Canadian Youth National Teams, all levels of college rosters, and to be a recognized leader and center for player development; from Jr. Academy to Professional WNY Flash Team.


Core Values


Our core values are a part of the player development process.  All players will develop the skills, qualities and attributes needed to play exciting, creative soccer with a winning mentality, while having a positive and lasting influence on each other.  Our players will always demonstrate the WNY Flash Core Values.


We will promote good sportsmanship and encourage high standards of performance and conduct on and off the field, requiring discipline, honesty, hard work, commitment, respect and humility.  This is inclusive of players, coaches and spectators.


Player Development Zones


Ages 5-10 - WNY Flash Jr. Academy - Zone 1: Players are having fun, learning basic technical fundamentals and learning to love the game in Zone 1.  Players develop the basic techniques of the game, fall in love with the game and are already playing their first games, working out how to turn technique into skill, as they develop in 1v1 to 8v8 small sided games.


Ages 11-15 - WNY Flash Academy Zone 2:  Players are learning to train in Zone 2.  The emphasis switches to decision-making, problem-solving and developing skills from base techniques. Continued technical development is important and must happen within the context of the game. The understanding and development of tactical decision-making becomes more and more important towards the middle and end of Zone 2.  At the end of this stage, players will have a solid understanding of one or more positions in the 11v11 game.


Ages 16-18 - WNY Flash Academy Zone 3:  Players are training to play and learning to win in Zone 3. Winning becomes increasingly important and players must learn the habits of a successful collegiate and professional soccer player for advancement to the next level.  Players are asked to give back to the younger players within the club as role models and coaches, gaining life experience in the process. In Zone 3, the WNY Flash 1st Team Coaching Staff, in conjuntion with our Academy DoC, will monitor closely the progress of elite level players whom they identify as potential future Flash Pro's


Player Development Pathway

The WNY Flash Academy is one of only a handful of clubs in the USA to provide a player development pathway for female soccer players from it's Jr. Academy (ages 5 to 10) all the way in the the NWSL Professional League. The WNY Flash Academy is a member of both the US Soccer Girls Development Academy and the Elite Clubs National League, providing a developmental platform and pathway, for any player in to collegiate soccer and beyond, if they have the tools, desire and work rate to succeed.


Who Are We?

The Western New York Flash Academy is the youth development program of the Western New York Flash Professional Womens Soccer Team.

The WNY Flash Academy has developed quickly in to WNY's leading youth player development program for female soccer players. In recent years, the WNY Flash Academy has embarked on a pathway to 'Change the Landscape' for female youth soccer players, just as it has done for professional women's soccer playersover the past 10 years.

Director of Coaching, Rob Ferguson (BA. in Sports & Business, USSF 'A' & USSF 'Y'), joined the Academy in May 2016, to lead us in to the esteemd ECNL (Elite Clubs National League) for the 2016-17 season, and to manage our pathway in to the US Soccer Girls DA, of which the WNY Flash were annonced as a founding member in August, 2016.

Also, new for the 2016-17 season, Jr. Program Director of Coaching, Gary Bruce (USSF 'A') led the launch the WNY Flash Jr. Academy Program for 5 to 10 year old players, focussing on individual skill development and preparing players to step in to the Academy at U'10 or U'11.

The Flash Academy Staff possesses a wealth of playing and coaching experience, committed to developing players to the highest level on a individual - and team - basis. 

The WNY Flash Academy develops each player in line with the unique WNY Flash Methodology, while using the US Soccer Curriculum as a guiding document. The WNY Flash Academy offers players, and young people, the opportunity to learn and grow in a highly focussed and motivated, yet fun, environment.



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