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College Placement & Preparation Program

What is the WNYF College Placement & Preparation Program (CPPP)?

This program is in place to provide WNYF Academy players the platform, through information and support, to successfully navigate the college placement process. Throughout the process we will be preparing players to be successful, on and off the field, once they attend college.

The individual player is the driving force for this process. Not the coach, not the parent, not the club. You, the WNYF Academy player. Be proactive. Be the best player, student and person you can be, and there will be a place in college soccer for you.

Click Here to access our WNYF College Placement and Preparation Program Guide

WNYF College Information Nights

Each year the WNYF Academy will host a College Information Night during the Fall Season, where we will present to our players and families, from U15 to U18 on the WNYF CPPP and be available to answer questions. We will look to bring in a panel of speakers from colleges to speak and answer your questions also.

Individual CPPP Meetings

Individual meetings will be offered each year to all WNYF Academy players, once you become a freshman in HS. These meetings will be held with your Head Coach and/or DoC. It is important you bring your up to date college lists to review with the Flash staff and any questions you have about your game and/or the college process. Parents are always welcome to attend, though we will address the players primarily as it is important they take ownership of this process.